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Welcome to OlaCuba Agency. We are all over Cuba and for the whole world. It´s a tour agency in Cuba that provides and get economic guest house (casa particular) for rent for those who wish to enjoy the wonders of Cuba. Our objetive is to suport, to guide and to find the best and economic rental houses, taxis and tours in Cuba. We can represent you and take care of your interests in your vacation.
The rooms are private,equipped with everything do you need to feel like in your own space, we can organize tours, taxi services, support. Your wishes will it serves at once and we assure you that this option is the safest and most economical you can find. It is the place to learn about our customs and socialize with our Cuban culture. Write to us your order when you are ready. We offerts taxi services, organize tour package thru the best and popular tourist route.
Our Email: olacuba.agency@gmail.com.
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The reserve is free and payment is in personal in Cuba.
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Beaches of Cuba. The Cuban Archipelago, presents on the coastline more than 200 beaches, which are characterized by the length, width of the sandy strip, origin and color of the sand, as well as the underwater profile where they develop. Today, more than 40 of those sandy areas of Sol and are well received by national and international tourism.

Cuba. Archipelago of the Sea of the Antilles, also known as the Caribbean Sea. Due to its geographical position at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, since colonial times it has been known as "La Llave del Golfo". It is the largest island in the Greater Antilles. The closest countries are Haiti, the Bahamas, the United States, Jamaica and Mexico.

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If you want to know a Cuba´s special touristic routes, we can hint some places and organize tours, take a look in Tours session choice the tour package of you preference

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We organize accommodations in Casa Particular. This one is a B&B, where do you can know more about our culture, creole food, music. Select the places in Accommodations session.

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Most of guest needs transfer to arrive at airport, then we can be waiting in our taxi services. Just tell us when and we are there for you. Take a look in Interesting Places

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The payment is in personals, and depend of season, amout of staying day we can get discount for you. If you preferer other option choice a Tours Package and just pay all at one, even accommodations.

About Cuba

pesos cubano Coin
There are 2 types of currency, the Cuban peso and the CUC (Cuban convertible peso), which is handled by tourists on the island. The euros are exchanged at the airport, exchange offices and banks. In some very tourist places they accept euros. Dollars are prohibited and the change has a penalty of 10%. Exchange rate.
The climate is subtropical, there are no extreme temperatures, neither high nor low. The dry and coolest weather goes from November to April and the hottest and hottest from May to September.
Clothes to wear
Cotton dresses and the like are the most suitable for almost the whole year, although from the end of October and until March in Cuba the cold fronts are frequent and above all in the months of December, January and February. The rainy season starts from April to October.
The electric current in Cuba is 110 volts and the plugs are for flat plugs, called American type. Although already in many hotels have voltage 220 and plug for round pins.
It is advisable to take the medicines you need, and carry a good insurance that covers medical assistance, accidents. Also take anti-mosquito protective cream and high sunscreen cream. Always drink bottled water.
In terms of security, Cuba is one of the safest countries in America, with a relatively low rate of violent crime.
In most hotels, in addition to local channels, there is satellite TV.
In addition to the hotels of different categories, in Havana we can stay in private homes, it is a more economical way besides knowing more about the way of life of the Cubans.
To buy cigars, no problem, they will offer them everywhere, but it is better to buy them in official places, and to have a stamp, since they can demand it from customs, even the invoice. Pictures of paintings, crafts, rum, wood crafts, seed beads, crochet, souvenirs of the che you also have to pay a departure low tax.
Tips are not mandatory, although in restaurants, bars, or other services.
Paladares or restaurants
The "paladar", are restaurants installed in private homes. There are many and they will also offer you on the street to go to some. Common sense is important when accepting or not.
Important dates
  • January 1 Liberation Day
  • May 1st Labor Day
  • 25-26 -27 of July. Day of National Rebellion
  • October 10: Anniversary of the Revolution
  • November 25: Died our Revolution Leader Fidel Castro Ruz
  • December 25th. Christmas
  • Carnivals are also celebrated, at different times of the year, according to the provinces.
  • Internet in Cuba
    Many tourist hotels already have a place for internet use by tourists. In the street there are also cybertecas, Wifi Area, which, as they have already been opened for the use of Cubans, tend to have a lot of concurrency and connections are slow. There are cards for sale that allow foreign tourists access to the Internet. The communication company in Cuba is Etecsa.
    From the mobile whenever it is tri-band, Roaming must be activated.
    taxi in cuba
  • Bus or Guagua
  • Bicitaxi: A bike that takes 2 seats behind.
  • Cocotaxi: a motorcycle with a yellow coconut shape, carries 2 passengers.
  • Taxi: There are yellow and white. Some carry a meter and others do not, the latter agree before the price.
  • Private taxi: these are cheaper, usually classic cars in perfect condition.
  • Taxi collectivo: cheap but you have to travel with other travelers.
  • Main Tourist Places
  • Pinar del Río: Beautiful, natural, relaxing landscapes in the Viñales Valley.
  • Havana: Capital of the country, nice beaches, old architecture, hotels, restaurants, lots of cuban.
  • Varadero: Among the main beaches zonasturística, with hotels for all tastes.
  • Los Cayos: Beautiful beaches, water activities.
  • Trinidad: The best preserved colonial city in Cuba, like living in another time.
  • Cienfuegos: Attractive city known as the Pearl of the South.
  • Holguin: known as the city of parks, among the attractions is to climb the hill of the cross, visit the town of Gibara, a lot of tradition in its Romerias de Mayo festivities, in the carnivals. Excellent restaurants, hotels and lots of fascinating beach area.
  • Guardalalavaca beach: area of the northern coast of Holguin, excellent beach surrounded by beautiful hotels and a lot of choice to stay in private homes.
  • Santiago de Cuba: to be on Cuban history, tradition, museums, restaurants, hotels.
  • Baracoa: like the Viñales Valley, spectacular view to enjoy the endemic nature, beaches, rivers, restaurants and the hospitality of the Cuban oriental.

  • Drugs
    Cuban legislation is very strict in this regard, with prison terms of up to 30 years.