Accommodations in Villa Clara

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Casa Particular in Villa Clara

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Accommodation in Caibarién
Villa Espada
Villa Espada

Villa Espada

Look no further, Villa Espada is the perfect choice, Located in the center of Caibarién, it is located between Remedios and Cayo Santa María, so from here you can visit both places and extend a little more to reach Santa Clara and go through the mausoleum of Ché or the armored train derailed by him when the shot of Santa Clara. Caibarién is bigger than Remedios and has like other options the blue sea beach with its tourist complex, the pier (unique in the province), conuco cay, the museum of the sugar industry and the dance on Sundays of the rumba in the bar- Coffee shop The ruins. In Villa Espada you will find happy people to guide you or organize your stay in order to optimize time and money. If it is about meals, we will guide you to where you can go according to your interests, but it will never be compared to the food that is sewn in this house in search of healthy and delicious results, so you will eat varied, very good and authentic of Cuba. If transport is concerned here is a taxi with driver at your disposal that will make cheaper proposals than those that regularly find and that's because everything is at home. The rooms are extremely cozy, with private bathrooms, surrounded by terraces on the second floor, with extreme cleanliness and ready to satisfy your desires of natural or artificial ventilation, as you prefer.
Rooms and Beds: Room #1: 1 bed, Room #1: 2 bed
Owner: Ivonne Espada Garcia
Address: Jimenez , calle 14, num 710-A entre 7 y 9
Nearly to: Cerca de cayo Santa Maria, en el centro de la ciudad, santa maria, center of town
Interesting nearly places:
Church: Iglesia Presbiteriana de Caibarién Address: 13 Avenida, Caibarién
Church: Templo Bautista Address: 10, Caibarién
Church: Iglesia Católica Address: 7 Ave - Independencia
Cultural Places: Parque ?La Libertad"
Museum: Museo Municipal María Escobar Laredo Address: Av 9, Caibarién
Others: Western Union (Catch machine) Address: E E Y, Av 9, Caibarién
Restaurants: La Vicaria Address: Av 9
Restaurants: Pocurull Address: av10 and ave 11, Caibarién

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